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We're two weeks into the new year and we think it's time to get some 2011 action started. This year is all about building a strong, widespread, and passionate climate movement that can beat polluter interests who want to use our sky as a dumping ground. That's why we're working with people like you to create local climate teams all over the country.

We figured the best way to start getting organized is to get together and have a party!

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RootsCamp 2010 wrap-up: Organizing For the Win (VIDEO)


1Sky was a proud sponsor of New Organizing Institute’s (NOI) RootsCamp that took place last weekend at George Washington University in Washington, DC. This marked the fifth anniversary of NOI’s RootsCamp "unconference", where organizers set the meeting agenda, share lessons learned, schmooze (I dislike the term “network”, but yeah, network), and drive the conversation about best practices in organizing.

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Weekly roundup 12/10/10: Sunset on COP16 (VIDEOS)

ny-day-of-action-rally 1600x1200

The COP16 climate talks are coming to a close in Cancun, Mexico, and while we hoped countries could come together in solidarity in the face of climate disaster, (much like the Palestinian firefighters who recently came as some of the first respondents to an Israeli climate crisis) many nations - especially our own -- came up short.

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The year in climate: People power


As I write this post, the year 2010 is now known to be the hottest on record globally. Climate scientist James Hansen predicts that, once we get beyond the cooling effects of La Nina this winter, 2011 will be even hotter. Time is running out for the U.S. to show leadership in slowing the rate of climate change from greenhouse gas emissions.

Janelle Corn, Ph.D., is an ecologist and wildlife biologist living in western Montana. She has lived and worked in the western U.S. for 30 years, and is currently an activist for addressing climate change before it's too late. Her new blog is Natural History Now. The author's opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the 1Sky campaign.
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National day of action wrap-up: Keeping America's climate promises (PHOTOS)


Yesterday, 1Sky joined climate, faith, and social justice groups in mobilizing a national day of action to call on U.S. leadership at the U.N. climate talks in Cancun, Mexico.

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Weekly roundup 11/12/10: Coal, mad scientists and a moon bounce (VIDEO)


This week we're looking across the board from scientists to politicians to the EPA and how we spent our Veterans Day. But first, let's look at some developments in coal.

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Speak out on toxic coal ash crackdown by Nov. 19


The Environmental Protection Agency will soon close its public comment period on regulating coal ash as a hazardous waste (submit your comments before Friday, November 19). It may seem a bit wonky or out of place to discuss the detrimental effects of coal ash in an every day conversation, but to the people who live near coal plants, it's a topic that concerns their health and welfare.

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Young voters in California lead decisive victory against Prop 23


Young voters celebrated a decisive victory against Big Oil by defeating a deceptive ballot measure, Prop 23. The initiative, funded with millions of dollars from oil corporations, sought to wreck California's clean energy economy and effectively repeal the state’s landmark clean air and clean energy laws.

Gabriel Elsner is currently the Campaign Director for the California Student Sustainability Coalition's Power Vote Campaign to mobilize the youth vote and stop the dirty energy proposition, Prop 23. He previously served as Global Warming Solutions coordinator for the Student PIRGs and is a former 1Sky Policy Fellow.
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Eye candy from 10/10/10 Work Parties (PICS)


We'll have much more about the hugely successful 10/10/10 Global Work Parties, but for now just sit back and enjoy the climate action eye candy we've been receiving since Saturday. Be sure to share them on Facebook, Twitter and any other social networks using our handy "share" bar on this page.

Do you have pics from a 10/10/10 work party to share? Here's how:

  • Add your photos as attachments, making sure not to exceed individual photo size of 10MB (and keep in mind your own email service's attachment size limit!).
  • Include your city and state in the subject.
  • Please include a description of your event -- we're always looking for compelling stories from the grassroots!
  • Send your email to

We'll add more photos and stories from 10/10/10 soon -- stay tuned!

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Delivering "oily hands" to polluter-funded senators


Last week, the Senate adjourned for the August congressional recess without taking up narrow legislation to address the Gulf oil disaster – let alone a more comprehensive climate and energy bill to address the root problem of our fossil fuel dependence. To decry this unacceptable state of affairs, a climate coalition led by 1Sky took to Capitol Hill last Thursday to call out the Senate for failing to act.

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