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Weekly roundup 3/25/11: The U.S. Chamber's dirty deeds


Just how low can the U.S. Chamber go? Pretty low, according to former Bush cyber security czar and counter-terrorism expert Richard Clarke. As part of its ongoing investigation into allegations that the U.S. Chamber engaged "private security firms" to sabotage progressive groups, Think Progress interviewed Clarke during a cyber security conference in Washington DC.

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Weekly roundup 3/18/11: The World Watches Japan


The World Watches Japan

Following the 9.0 earthquake and resultant tsunami, supplies have been running low in Japan. Food and gasoline shortages have left grocery store aisles bare and homes without heat. The death toll is sobering, with nearly 7,000 confirmed dead andmore than 10,000 people still missing.

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Weekly roundup 3/11/11: The threat of 'peak coffee' and why Rep. Markey is afraid of standing

This week in the roundup we're looking at the threat of 'peak coffee,' the new anti-union bill in Wisconsin, 160,000 lives saved by the Clean Air Act, and Rep. Edward "Don't vote down gravity" Markey.


In a surprise conference committee meeting late Wednesday night, Wisconsin state senators passed a bill (18-1) drastically cutting the collective bargaining rights of public employees.

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Weekly roundup 1/21/11: The green truth about US and China

Obama-Hu-615 × 346

Pressuring China, Pressuring Ourselves

The big story this week revolves around Chinese President Hu Jintao's state visit to Washington and meetings with President Obama. The bulk of their conversation has been pre-packaged with less-than-savory global issues that are set to heat up already tense relations. But energy has found its way between the two world leaders as grounds for compromise.

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Weekly roundup 1/14/11: Start your solar engines


The numbers are in on 2010's final temperature; the EPA makes a great announcement about MTR; President Obama makes a bold move for solar energy and we're putting the best phone applications for climate on your radar.

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Weekly roundup 12/3/10: Kick off to Cancun (VIDEO)


While we were all still trying to figure out how many dishes we could make with left-over turkey as the primary ingredient, the U.N. kicked off the COP16 climate conference in Cancun, Mexico.

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Sun, sun, sun, here it comes!


Great news from the White House! President Obama has decided to install solar panels atop the White House residence:

The most famous residence in America, which has already boosted its green credentials by planting a garden, plans to install solar panels atop the White House's living quarters. The solar panels are to be installed by spring 2011, and will heat water for the first family and supply some electricity.

The plans will be formally announced later Tuesday by White House Council on Environmental Quality Chairwoman Nancy Sutley and Energy Secretary Steven Chu.

Groups like have been urging Obama to put solar on the White House for some time, so it's nice to see the President heeding their call to lead by example. As Bill McKibben said:

The White House did the right thing, and for the right reasons: they listened to the Americans who asked for solar on their roof, and they listened to the scientists and engineers who told them this is the path to the future...If it has anything like the effect of the White House garden, it could be a trigger for a wave of solar installations across the country and around the world."

Add this to a list of significant climate achievements so far in Obama's young presidency (the lack of a certain critical item notwithstanding). And while the value of this move is largely symbolic, never underestimate the power of presidential symbolism:

"Putting solar on the roof of the nation's most important real estate is a powerful symbol calling on all Americans to rethink how we generate electricity," Solar Energy Industries Association President Rhone Resch said.

This is a great way to start the final week before the worldwide 10/10/10 Global Work Parties on Sunday. And on a personal note, I'd like to thank President Obama and the AP for giving me the flimsiest of excuses to include a Beatles song with this post:

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1Sky Policy Update 7/6/2010 - Senate Home for Recess, Then Back to Work for Four Weeks

US Capitol small

The packed legislative calendar and upcoming November elections make July a crucial month for addressing clean energy and climate legislation. Senate Democrats and the Obama Administration remain committed to pivoting off of the oil disaster in the Gulf and passing a clean energy bill, but a concrete legislative package has yet to emerge in the Senate.

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