Dirty Energy Hunt / No More Drilling

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What You Can Do

Dirty Energy Hunt was a nationwide campaign to show Americans where dirty energy lives near them. You can take action and help us document where dirty energy lives in your area.

No More Drilling was a photo petition drive to make sure that BP cleans up its mess and we finally kick our dirty fuels habit for good by embracing clean energy.

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Thanks to all the 1Sky supporters nationwide who took part in our photo petitions to call on Congress for a clean energy future. Every day Americans from across the nation have joined our Dirty Energy Hunt and No More Drilling campaigns to add their photos to the list. Take a look at some of the more than 230 images that 1Sky supporters like you sent from all over the country. Thanks!

Dirty Energy Hunt

Big Polluters like coal plants and oil refineries account for almost half of our global warming pollution. Over half of the American population live within 30 miles of a coal-fired power plant, but most people don't know that these polluters are in their backyards.

  • Nearly 24,000 deaths each year are attributable to fine particle pollution from coal plants. The average number of life-years lost by individuals dying prematurely from exposure to particulate matter is 14 years.
  • That's over two times the 11,000 automobile fatalities avoided each year through the use of safety belts, according to statistics from the DOT.
  • Coal plant pollution also causes more than 38,200 heart attacks and 554,000 asthma attacks per year.
  • One average-sized 300 megawatt coal plant has the following health effects:
    • 35 premature deaths per year
    • 57 heart attacks per year
    • 822 asthma attacks per year

No More Drilling

Since the late-April Gulf Oil Catastrophe, the mounting damage to local wildlife, ecosystems on the brink of destruction, and the thousands of Gulf Coast residents whose lives have been ruined show just how deadly our addiction to oil and other dirty fossil fuels has become.

In March, 1Sky expressed disappointment President Obama's commitment to lifting a 20-year old ban on offshore oil drilling. Now, 1Sky and allies such as Sierra Club and True Majority have rallied to turn outrage into action with the message: NO MORE DRILLING. CLEAN ENERGY NOW.

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