Join the Dirty Energy Hunt

The Dirty Energy Hunt is a nationwide campaign to show Americans where dirty energy lives near them. You can take action and help us document where dirty energy lives in your area with a few simple steps:

  • Use our map below to find a coal plant or oil refinery in your area to visit

  • Visit the dirty energy source & take a photo or video of yourself in front of it with your group or on your own (see below-right). You can download our signs to print out or create a message of your own

  • Share your photos and videos with us so we can tell your leaders that everyone is at risk unless we work for a bold, clean energy future

Instructions: Use our map to locate a coal plant or oil refinery in your area. Zoom in on the map or type your state into the GeoSearch box below the map to find plants and refineries in your state. Once you have found a dirty energy source in your area, register for our Dirty Energy Hunt. Once you've signed up, we'll help you show people in your area how close dirty energy is to their backyards.

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Please allow up to a minute to load (unfortunately, there are more than 800 dirty energy resources that we've mapped in the United States). A special acknowledgment to CoalSwarm for plant and refinery location information.

Enter your state in the box above to see dirty energy near you
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