Organizing Guides

The 1Sky organizing tips can help you plan, execute, and follow-up with your local climate actions. Additional campaign-specific guides are posted regularly on our Organizer Resources page. If you have any suggestions for an organizing guide, email Check the Frequently Asked Questions for additional tips.

Click each guide's title to download. All guides other than the social media toolkit will be downloaded as PDFs


blue arrowA Guide to Building Teams

Bring together a group of people to form a 1Sky Climate Team. Get some tips on throwing a climate movement house party, from setting up to building your agenda.

blue arrowGuide to Dropping-in to Your Congress Members' Office

A“drop-in” is a quick visit to the office of your elected officials to talk about a policy issue. Use this guide created for Clean Air Act actions to organize your own drop-in.

blue arrowHow to Organize a Rally or Meeting

This guide to organizing Clean Air Act rallies or congressional meetings can be used to organize such event for various climate-related issues as well. Meeting with your member of Congress is one of the most effective ways to influence their decisions.

blue arrowA Guide to Shadowing for Congressional Recess

During Congressional breaks is the perfect time to let your elected officials know your thoughts on passing strong climate legislation. This guide provides a series of tips to make this direct outreach a success.

blue arrow Setting up a Meeting with Elected Officials

Meeting with your elected officials is one of the most effective ways you can make your voice heard and have a political impact. Follow the steps in this guide to set up a local meeting with your Senator or Representative.

blue arrow Video guide: Calling Congress

Calling your representative or senators in Congress is one of the best ways that you can make an impact on the national level. Maybe you haven't called Congress before, but we're here to make it easy with our call tool and this video guide.

blue arrow 3 Tips for Great Climate Action Photos

You don't need 100 people at your event to deliver a message well. Still, you don't want your photos to make your group look smaller than it is. Use these tips to make sure your pictures send the right message after the event.

blue arrow Capturing Your Action on Video

Video is one of the best ways to capture your action to share with the press and others. Digital camcorders and video-sharing sites make using video easier than ever, but there are important considerations when trying to make your video stand-out and reflect well on your action. This guide is courtesy of our allies at Find more 350 guides here.

blue arrow Sample Recruitment Plan for a Large Event

Some events are designed to show a large number of people rallying for one purpose. Getting those people isn't as simple as sending out a few email messages. This guide provides a four week plan to get the kind of numbers you need.

blue arrow Media 101 and Working With Reporters

Having a great campaign message is important – but it’ll only get you so far if no one is listening. Using the media is a great way to reach a larger audience and increases the likelihood that elected officials will pay attention to your issue.

blue arrow Media Outreach Timeline

Reporters are busy and their coverage is valuable. It’s important to have a plan for reaching out to the press to get them to cover your event. Follow the timeline and tasks here to increase your chances of attracting reporters’ interest.

blue arrow Making the Most of Phone Banking

Phone banking is one of the most effective ways to get others involved with actions like house parties, public events, and even call campaigns. Here are the key principles to remember when phone banking (The Three Q's).

blue arrow Use Social Networks to Spread the Word

The key to making the 1Sky Solutions a reality is spreading the word far and wide. Use the 1Sky social media toolkit and your social networking sites to help support the climate movement and take a role in shaping clean energy legislation.
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