Past Events

10/10/10 Global Day of Action

The Storms logo’s 10/10/10 Global Day of Action challenged our elected officials to “Get to Work” on strong climate and clean energy solutions, as well as convey the message of demanding strong action at the international talks in Cancun. As a partner in this action, 1Sky helped organize 35 events in the United States and had supporters at 126 events in 39 states and Washington, DC. Photos from these events were then delivered to members of Congress from those states.

The Dirty Energy Hunt

The Dirty Energy Hunt logo During “The Dirty Energy Hunt,” over 350 1Sky supporters arranged individual and group photos at local coal-fired power plants, oil refineries, gas stations, and other industrial facilities to speak out against our dependence on dirty fossil energy. These photos were used to increase awareness to generate the political will necessary to stand up to attacks on the Clean Air Act and transition America to a clean energy economy.

The Storms

The Storms logo The Storms featured hundreds of climate activists standing up to demonstrate nationwide support for defending the Clean Air Act from congressional attacks. From mid-March through Earth Day, volunteers worked with 1Sky organizers to visit their senators and representatives in large groups and make it known that the Clean Air Act is too important to be gutted on behalf of big polluter interests.

Presidents Day 2010

Presidents Day 2010 logo During the Presidents Day recess February 2010, 1Sky supporters and organizers didn't take let their elected officials take a break from thinking about climate change issues. Activists showed up at town halls and held press conferences to confront Washington leaders on congressional attacks on the Clean Air Act and the lack of movement on a climate bill.

Make Art for Climate

Make Art for Climate logo Climate change activists can often be at their best when they let their creativity lead the way. In November 2009, during the Make Art for Climate action, 1Sky supporters did just that over 200 gatherings, creating banners and signs urging President Obama to lead at the COP15 climate negotiations in Copenhagen. Many of these were featured in a White House rally, then delivered right to their senators.

October 24th International Day of Action

October 24th logo The October 24th International Day of Climate Action, organized by our allies at, brought the climate movement together like never before. 1Sky organizers and volunteers were a big part of this, taking the lead in over 200 nationwide events. Alongside thousands more in the U.S. and worldwide, these events showed just how widespread and powerful support for climate action is.

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