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1Sky Organizers Nationwide

Veronica ButcherVeronica Butcher (North Carolina): Veronica has been an organizer with the North Carolina Conservation Network for five years. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for NC Women United, a coalition of progressive organizations and individuals advocating public policies to achieve the full political, social, and economic equality of all women in North Carolina. Prior to her current position, Veronica worked as the Education Coordinator for the NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault where she was responsible for researching policy initiatives and training advocates to lobby.

Andrea CuccaroAndrea Cuccaro (Florida): Before coming to the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy as the 1Sky Florida organizer, Andrea served as the 1Sky Washington Campaign Organizer with Climate Solutions. At both jobs, she has worked to recruit and engage dozens of clean energy businesses and civic groups around the climate agenda, she's been responsible for over 30 earned media hits, and built lists of hundreds of volunteers mobilizing around the 1Sky agenda. Previous to her work with the campaign, she worked with the City of Seattle on their Adopt-a-Street Program as the coordinator.

Jamie HogueJamie Hogue (Oregon and Washington State): Before joining the 1Sky team, Jamie worked as the Oregon Representative for the Pew Environment Group. She has also worked as a legislative aide and as a field organizer on the successful Measure 49 Campaign, which protects Oregon's land use laws. While in college, she worked on several progressive issues as Chair of Portland State University's OSPIRG chapter. When she's not lobbying members of Congress or building coalitions, she enjoys camping, surfing, snowboarding and reading.

Micah ParkinMicah Parkin (Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico): Micah Parkin has served as the Colorado/Southwest Regional Organizer for 1Sky since August 2009, while concurrently serving on both the Clean Energy Technical Team for the City of Boulder and the planning team for Boulder's Clean Energy Future campaign. She formerly served as Program Director for the New Orleans-based Alliance for Affordable Energy and Energy Chair of the Sierra Club Delta Chapter. Micah is the mother of two young daughters who fuel her passion to build a powerful climate and clean energy movement.

Joseph StellingJoseph Stelling (New York): Joe has worked at NYPIRG since 1999. He spent years working to educate the public and garner support for environmental campaigns by overseeing NYPIRG’s community outreach program, as well as working on college campuses to train student volunteers to be effective advocates. Currently NYPIRG’s environmental organizer, Joe coordinates the 1Sky NY campaign. In addition to working to protect the environment and public health, Joe is an avid outdoors enthusiast who can usually be found enjoying the environment when he’s not busy protecting it.

Regional Co-ordinators

ElaineElaine Bello, New Hampshire: In 1979, Elaine helped form an Interior Design Program at Boston Architectural College and now serves on the Executive Advisory Board for their Practice Department. Through this work, it became obvious that the precious balance of natural world elements is greatly affected by building science and the choices made by designers of the man-made environment. She is most impressed by the dedication of her students as they learn new ways of building without contributing to climate change. Now as a Regional Coordinator for 1Sky Elaine is able to put her collaboration and team building skills to work for climate issues about which she is passionate.

AdamAdam Hasz, Missouri: Adam is an Environmental Studies undergraduate student at Washington University in St. Louis. He is an active member of his campus environmental activism group Green Action and was a lead organizer for Missouri Power Shift ’09 state conference. Adam is also a leader in the Missouri Student Environmental Coalition, an organization designed to foster collaboration between the many college and high school environmental groups within Missouri. Adam believes that through dedication and cooperation, America can achieve the social and political changes necessary to effectively deal with the climate crisis and create a just and sustainable future.

ChuckChuck Prentice, Minnesota: Chuck has served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Lima, Peru, did community organizing for ten years in Chicago, and worked for non-profit housing organizations in St. Paul, MN for ten years. He has a Masters Degree in Urban Planning from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Chuck says he's excited to be working with 1Sky to mobilize Minnesotans for action to control climate change and to create green energy and green jobs.

AkilahAkilah Sanders-Reed, New Mexico: Akilah is a 15 year old activist, who organized a large 350.org October 24 rally, and has been working with 1Sky for around six months. She is also currently engaged in Roots & Shoots (Four Corners Youth Leadership Council), PeacePals (board of directors), and soon with Kids Vs Global Warming and 350.org. She plans to go in to environmental organizing as a career after she finishes high school and college. Currently living just outside Albuquerque, her other ambition is to travel the world.

SondaSonda Saurs, North Dakota: Sonda has been involved in movements for social justice for the last seven years. She has recently become involved with 1Sky as the Regional Coordinator for North Dakota where she is working to spread the word and broaden the base of environmental supporters in the area. She is currently working toward her B.A. in Psychology at the Minnesota State University of Moorhead. Her number one goal in life is to help others in anyway she can. She figures that there is no more of a humanitarian issue or a better way to help people than to save this great planet we share.

SusanSusan Temere, Iowa: Susan has been active in progressive causes since 1971 at Michigan State University as an anti-war advocate. She had a significant role in passage of the first Criminal Sexual Conduct Act and spent the next 30 years active in the women's movement. She co-founded a non-profit to give support to women experiencing sex discrimination in the workforce and worked in various positions on campaigns to "Elect Women For a Change." Susan also played a significant role in the Iowa 2006 election as Field Organizer for Planned Parenthood, worked 5 years as a journalist, and holds multiple degrees in criminal justice and communication.

AcaciaAcacia Williams, Michigan: Acacia is a wife and stay-at-home mom to her young daughter, whose birth she says was “the wake-up call I needed.” She overhauled how she ran her home to reduce her carbon footprint, but felt frustrated by the constraints of American society that impeded the greater impacts she wanted to make. Soon after signing up to be a 1Sky climate precinct captain she joined her city’s environmental committee and where she remains active. She believes deeply in the need for civic engagement, community empowerment, and especially in the need for earnest outreach to all who care for the environment, regardless of other differences of opinion.

1Sky Central Field Staff

Kimberly FountainKimberly Fountain, Field Manager: Kimberly manages the contract and co-located field organizers for 1Sky by coordinating offline field tactics, strategies, and campaigns. She additionally manages four volunteer regional coordinators in the Midwest. Kimberly oversees the phone canvass, participation in national conferences, and various campaigns. Kimberly brings five years of organizing experience and fifteen years of non-profit experience to 1Sky, with previous positions at TrueMajority/USAction, Grassroots Campaigns, Inc for MoveOn.org Political Action, and AID Atlanta.

Erika KuesterErika Kuester, Field Organizer: Erika joined the 1Sky team in January 2011. She organizes, recruits and trains volunteer leaders to help build the climate change policy movement. Erika has a J.D. with a concentration in environmental law and brings three years of organizing experience to 1Sky. Prior to joining 1Sky, Erika was the lead organizer of a Sarasota, Florida, congregation-based community organization which addressed issues such as rehabilitation for incarcerated addicts, homelessness, and youth crime. She is an avid backpacker and outdoor enthusiast.

Ayla Schlosser

Ayla Schlosser, Organizing Fellow: Ayla joined 1Sky in January 2010 as the Organizing Fellow to help implement field campaigns and collaborate with 1Sky’s local and national allies. She has worked in strategic communications consulting and has been fighting for a clean energy economy for the past two years through an internship with Green For All and as an active volunteer with The DC Project. She can also be found making music, playing Frisbee, and conducting elaborate cooking experiments.

Danielle Simms

Danielle Simms, Field Fellow: Danielle graduated from Randolph-Macon Woman's College in 2010 with a B.S. in environmental science. She became interested in environmental organizing when she attended Powershift 2007 conference. Since then, she held various leadership roles in her campus's environmental club, including organizing, recruiting, and lobbying at local and national climate summits. Danielle also has worked on local, state, congressional, and presidential campaigns every year since 2008. In 2010, she was elected to be the finance director for a youth partisan organization in Virginia. After college, Danielle attended the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership at the University of Virginia to study public policy and political science.

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