Here are just some of our 643 allies, all of which have pledged to support the 1Sky Solutions and are actively engaged in the campaign. We will continue to update this page as new allies join the 1Sky campaign. Add your organization to this list by signing up to become an ally.

Click on each ally category to see the full lists.

  • American Council on Renewable Energy
  • Association of Family Fishermen (LA)
  • Benroe Housing Initiatives (LA)
  • Bitter Root Economic Development District (MT)
  • Business Advocating Social Equity (NV)
  • Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
  • Cascadia Green Building Council (WA)
  • Ceres
  • Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance (MD)
  • Climate Counts
  • Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CO)
  • Green Concord (NH)
  • Long Island City Business Development Corporation (NY)
  • Louisiana Charter Boat Association (LA)
  • Midwest Renewable Energy Assocation (WI)
  • Minnesota Renewable Energy Association (MN)
  • Montana Economic Developers Association (MT)
  • Montana Renewable Energy Association (MT)
  • National Center for Appropriate Technology
  • New Hampshire Wind Energy Association (NH)
  • New Voice of Business
  • North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NC)
  • South Carolina Nature-Based Tourism Association (SC)
  • South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce (SC)
  • South Carolina Solar Business Alliance (SC)
  • Sustainable Business Council (MT)
  • The Green Project (LA)
  • The Idea Village (LA)
  • U.B.C. Association (NV)
  • US Green Commerce
  • Wisconsin Environmental Initiative (WI)



Sign the Pledge:

I pledge to do what I can to support the 1Sky Solutions:

  • Create 5 million green jobs and pathways out of poverty by rebuilding and refueling America with a comprehensive energy efficiency mobilization and immediate investments in a clean-energy infrastructure.
  • Reduce global warming pollution at least 35% below current levels by 2020, and at least 80% by 2050, in line with the best science available. Recycle revenues from the sale of pollution allowances or carbon taxes to ensure they are equitably returned to the public to offset potential increases in energy costs, accelerate the transition to a clean energy future in the U.S. and internationally, and fund adaptation for vulnerable communities and natural systems here and abroad.
  • Re-power America by imposing a moratorium on new coal plants that emit global warming pollution and replacing dirty fuels with 100% renewable energy.

Roles of Allies:

In addition to supporting the 1Sky Solutions, 1Sky allies are participating in many campaign activities on an ongoing basis, including the following:

  • Supporting 1Sky calls to action: Organizing local grassroots actions, meetings and other events in coordination with national 1Sky calls to action; spreading the word about these activities to personal and organizational e-mail lists and networks.
  • Recruiting and engaging local activists: Recruiting Climate Network members and volunteer activists to join the campaign promoting 1Sky at conferences and community events.
  • Recruiting and engaging local allies: Inviting new organizations and businesses to endorse the 1Sky policy platform and join in campaign activities, building the campaign's power.
  • Mobilizing key constituencies: Elevating the voices of key constituencies in support of 1Sky campaign activities and policy priorities.
  • Political lobbying and policy analysis: Organizing office visits and face-to-face meetings with members of Congress (either in D.C. or in district); providing feedback and sharing information about key policy issues.
  • Generating media coverage: Offering press quotes or public remarks supporting 1Sky actions and policy priorities; organizing local press conferences and media events; writing letters and op-eds to newspapers and appearing on local radio and TV programs.
  • Activating online networks and new media Blogging about 1Sky actions and policy priorities; spreading the word about 1Sky campaign activities through Facebook, Twitter and other online social networks.

Benefits for Allies:

  • Connection to a bold, high-profile campaign with opportunities to communicate, network and collaborate with hundreds of diverse organizations towards shared goals and policy priorities.
  • Opportunities for grassroots networking, organizing support, visibility and base-building through partnership on our 1Sky Climate Network program.
  • Access to shared campaign web tools, trainings, materials and organizer support to build organizational capacity.
  • Onramps to action to engage diverse constituencies and organizations in a rapidly growing movement for bold climate solutions.
  • Access to and sharing of information related to key political and policy developments, media and messaging resources, activities of 1Sky ally organizations and developments within the broader climate movement.
  • Opportunities to share field, policy, communications and internet strategies to build a community of practice and support campaign efforts.
  • Access to the 1Sky logo and campaign materials to support on-the-ground organizing efforts and to promote the 1Sky platform and calls to action.
  • Earned and paid media that raises the profile of allied organizations’ work and ties it to a unified campaign.
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