Business Leaders

American business owners know that it is good business to pass strong climate change legislation. Your voice as a leader in the business community is more important than ever. Given the state of our economy, we are at a very important crossroads in our fight for millions of clean energy jobs.

Congress and the Obama Administration will take notice when thousands of business owners make their voices heard throughout the country, proclaiming that strong clean energy and climate legislation will provide a jump start to our ailing economy with millions of new, clean energy jobs.

Clean Energy Business Leaders

Supporting clean energy policy means supporting American businesses. Here are just some of the clean energy business leaders nationwide who have pledges their support for 1Sky Solutions.

Make your voice heard by signing up to pledge to support a clean energy future and invite your fellow business owners to add their voices for clean energy.

Call the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Last year, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce called for "the Scopes monkey trial of the 21st century," on climate change. Many members have become so upset with the Chamber's stand on climate: Apple, Exelon, PNM Resources, PG&E, PSEG and Levi Strauss & Co. have quit the U.S. Chamber and Nike quit the U.S. Chamber Board.

Call the U.S. Chamber today at: 202-659-6000 and tell them:

  • The Chamber does not speak for my business about climate change
  • Strong climate change legislation will be good for U.S. businesses and for our country


Committed Business Leaders

Here are just some of the clean energy businesses who are committed to a clean energy economy. Want to add your business? Feel in our pledge form and then please contact us at We look forward to working with you!

East Coast
Clean Currents (MD)
Electrical Solutions (MD)
Solar Tech Inc. (MD )
Eolian Renewable Energy (NH)
Sustain Ability (NH)
ETM Solar Works (NY)
Haywood Dorland Energy Capital, LLC (NY)
OnForce Solar Inc. (NY)
Peace and Solar, Inc (NY)
Renovus Energy (NY)
Sustainable Energy Partners (NY)
Aztec Solar Power (PA)
Mid-Atlantic Renewables, LLC (PA)
Solar Revolution (PA)
SC Solar Energy Inc. (SC)
Sustainable Greenville (SC)
Ulbrich Precision Flat Wire (SC)
Black Hills Solar (SD)
Commonwealth Solar LLC (VA)
SandEnergy (VA)
Sunpeak USA (VA)
Viable Earth Enterprises (VA)
Virginia Energy Project (VA)
Points North Energy, LLC (VT)
Clean Energy Venture Group (MA)
Aquapure Plumbing, Inc. (AR)
Home Energy Consultants, Inc. (AR)
Liberty Solar Solutions (AR)
Stitt Energy Systems, Inc. (AR)
Sun City Solar Energy of the Ozarks (AR)
Winds of Change (AR)
Advanced Energy Solutions Group, Inc (IL)
Innovatech Development II LLC (IN)
Morton Energy LLC (IN)
SunWind Power Systems (IN)
A Green Building Group (KY)
Genesis Development of Kentucky, LLC (KY)
Solar Energy Pioneers (KY)
Solar Energy Solutions LLC (KY)
Sunlight Systems Inc. (KY)
ChooseRenewables (MI)
Strategic Energy Solutions (MI)
Aladdin Solar (MN)
National Wind (MN)
Wind Energy America (MN)
Home Energy Science (ND)
Geothermal Green Team (NE)
Home Energy Alternatives (NE)
Solar Heat & Electric (NE)
Van Wall Energy (NE)
Smashray Ltd (OH)
Watt Works  (OH)
Dovetail Solar & Wind (OH)
Electronic Magnetic Power Solutions, Inc. (TN)
Sustainable Future (TN)
Alaskan Wind Industries (AK)
Remote Power, Inc. (AK)
Cannon Solar Systems (AZ)
Technicians for Sustainability (AZ)
Southface Solar Electric (AZ )
Serious Materials (CA)
Renewable Choice Energy (CO)
Gridpoint (CO)
Tendril (CO)
Simple Solar (CO)
Real Goods Solar (CO)
Affordable Solar Contracting (HI)
Pro Circuit Electrical Inc. (HI)
SunHedge (HI)
Everguard Solar (NM)
Energy Conservation Group (NV)
Home Energy Connection (NV)
MegaWatt Consulting, INC (NV)
Saving Energy Solar (NV)
Sustainable Energy Solutions (NV)
Fluid Market Strategies (OR)
Horizon Wind (OR)
Solar Epiphany LLC (WA)
Sunergy Systems (WA)
Mountain View Solar & Wind (WV)
West Virginia Solar (WV)
Emerald Natural Resources Group (TX)
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