The Huffington Post: The Answer to Gore's Challenge: Action!

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Al Gore and the U.S. EPA packed a double wallop last Thursday. The question is whether you and every one of your family and friends will get out from behind your computers and respond by breaking down the doors of Congress. Today.

Gore called on the U.S. to completely unplug from fossil fuel electricity within 10 years. We at 1Sky find it pathetic that Phil Sharp of Resources for the Future called this a "superstretch goal," implying that big goals are for dreamers. If Gore is right and "the survival of the USA as we know it is at risk" we need a superstretch goal and we need to rally around a fabulous vision of the future. Gore predicted Sharp's response. "To those who say 10 years is not enough time, I respectfully ask them to consider seriously what the world's scientists are telling us about the risks we face if we don't act in less than 10 years," he said.

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