Organizer's Message for Texas is Amplified

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1Sky's Texas organizer Alyssa Burgin, with Texans for Peace and the Texas Climate Emergency Campaign talks about how she winning hearts and minds in the Lone Star State in an article in from the Mid-Valley Town Crier, which was re-printed with permission in the Texas Civil Rights Review.

In an interview with Nick Braune, Alyssa Burgin said, "We are projecting five million new jobs nationally, and again, the disproportionate number could land in Texas, due to our ability to host wind and solar farms. People who have farmed their land for generations, and have met frustration and despair due to lack of rainfall could see a new and profitable use for their property. Men and women who are tired of low-wage jobs could train for these very lucrative positions, and find a new life. Peak oil is in our past--we have to move forward into a new future, and our bill is perfect for Texas."

Congratulations Alyssa, your message is an inspiration.

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