Great op ed in Seattle Times: Time to Scale Up the New Energy Economy

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By Steve Reynolds and K.C. Golden

"The Environmental Protection Agency's finding that climate pollution endangers public health and welfare is a welcome step. The Obama administration deserves credit for moving quickly to respond to the climate challenge. But we have to do much more than just enforce existing laws like the Clean Air Act to deliver real climate solutions. We must build a new, stronger energy economy — one that increases our use of clean, renewable energy, improves energy productivity, and provides good jobs and prosperity for the long haul.

"Representing different interests and viewpoints, we two authors can debate various policy mechanisms and features. But on this much we agree:

"Congress and the administration need to deliver a strong national climate and energy policy framework, including: responsible, science-based limits on climate pollution; standards and incentives to increase energy conservation, renewable energy, and smart new energy technologies that improve efficiency; training and transition assistance for good jobs in a new energy economy; consumer protections to ensure that everyone can afford basic energy service; and international leadership in climate negotiations.

"Those who urge delay while the economy recovers are missing the point. Accelerating the transition to cleaner energy solutions will keep energy dollars home, drive economic recovery and sustain American employment and prosperity. Now more than ever, we need the economic power of a new energy strategy."

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Steve Reynolds is the CEO of Puget Sound Energy, and K.C. Golden is a 1Sky board member and the policy director of Climate Solutions in Washington state.

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