Senate Beach Party Media Coverage Across the Nation

On Monday, August 10, 1Sky and our allies held 69 events in 28 states nationwide calling for comprehensive climate legislation in the U.S. Senate. The events were aimed at the first weekday of the summer Senate recess to remind senators and their staff that there is widespread support among active citizens for climate legislation.

The events on Aug. 10 were successful in hitting multiple Senate offices and in generating widespread regional media coverage to highlight support for climate legislation and refuting the idea that only the right wing forces of no progress are active and mobilized this summer.

Current press clippings include:






  • Reno Gazette Journal: Reno Gathering Rallies for Clean Energy
  • KTVN (Reno): Powering Job Creation Through Clean Energy
  • Daily Sparks Tribune: Climate Change Debate Heats Up

New Hampshire

New York


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