1Sky Calls for a Redirecting of Fossil Fuel Subsidies Towards Developing Nations

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Whether and how fossil fuel subsidies will be redirected to help developing nations mitigate climate change and develop green technology is a big issue in Copenhagen this month. Developing nations need financial help from the U.S. and other developed nations to develop green technology to reduce their own emissions, preserve their natural resources, and to be willing to sign a binding climate agreement in Copenhagen.

1Sky Campaign Director Gillian Caldwell said, "The solution is obvious: we must stop subsidizing big polluters and use that money to help developing countries transition to a clean energy econmy."

She added, "This isn't rocket science...In fact, thanks to Obama, the leaders of the G20 countries committed this fall to phasing out their fossil fuel subsidies - and insiders say Obama has been weighing whether to use that money for climate finance."

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