1Sky Steering Committee Member Jennifer Rennicks Speaks to South Carolina's Clean Energy Potential

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1Sky Steering Committee and Southern Alliance member Jennifer Rennicks says South Carolina is set to become a center of wind energy research and development. The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, an ally of 1Sky, works to find clean energy solutions to global warming pollution. 1Sky and the Southern Alliance are currently working together to push President Obama to be a leader in curbing global climate change.

On the need to invest in clean energy for South Carolina Rennicks said, "We would get cleaner forms of energy that would create jobs and lower consumer bills, and also mitigate some of the changes to climate change that we know are coming...I think South Carolina should be engaged in the dialogue, and it has been since Senator Lindsey Graham has been stepping up and leading on this."

She added,"There is a tremendous potential for wind energy off the coast of the Carolinas...With a long, gradual continental shelf you would be able to place turbines at varying distances."

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