1Sky Volunteers Help Fight Global Climate Change Over Coffee

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Beextra.com, a new website created by three San Franciscans, offers people the opportunity to micro-volunteer with various organizations online or through an iPhone application during the daily time they spend just waiting around.

"It is a platform that allows organizations to reach out to their volunteers and ask them to contribute a few minutes of their spare time at the bus stop, at a cubicle, or on the couch," says Beextra.com co-founder Ben Rigby.

Their platform rests on the idea that if millions of people spent just a small amount of their time each day doing social good, the world would be a much better place.

Adam Griffiths and Pamela Hawley use this new service to volunteer with 1Sky. 

"You have the application in your pocket and you literally have the power to change the world in the palm of your hand," Griffiths says.

"For me it's exciting," Hawleys says. "Because I feel like I am the part of a greater movement."

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