1Sky Campaign Director Gillian Caldwell interviewed by Dowser on Earth Day about the past and future of green

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Forty years ago, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson created Earth Day to call attention to impending ecological crises. Today, over 192 countries will observe it. To capture the day's meaning, we asked three leading environmentalists - Gillian Caldwell, Majora Carter, and Peter Goldmark - to reflect on the past and future of the movement.

GILLIAN CALDWELL - Campaign Director/CEO, 1Sky

Gillian Caldwell directs 1Sky, a nationwide organizing campaign that uses technology and new media to connect and strengthen climate change activists. Check out our earlier interview with her here.

What's been the major achievement in the environmental field since Earth Day 1970?

The realization that our problems, especially the problem of climate change, go far beyond isolated localities and regions and require global solutions.  That has led to [the] recognition that success depends on a wide variety of groups and individuals coming together and working for a common goal.  At 1Sky, we have almost 600 (and growing!) allied groups within our network and over half of them are very specifically not from the environmental sector.  That is the kind of dedicated coalition we will need to fight this continuing battle in coming years.

What do you see as the next major step for the field?

To continue to motivate and engage this coalition in order to achieve a large scale victory against the fossil fuel interests that are still trying to cling to their remaining power base no matter what the ultimate cost to the planet. Demonstrating that we can win a sizable victory—be it through strong comprehensive legislation, defending the Clean Air Act, or helping to generate investment to create millions of good-paying, domestic clean energy jobs. Once we have rewritten the conventional wisdom, other victories that once seemed out of reach will be within our grasp.

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