1Sky continues to advocate for protecting the Clean Air Act in upcoming Senate climate bill

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Having spent the last year warring over climate legislation, environmental and industry lobbyists are now facing off over an even higher-stakes trophy: the Clean Air Act and the Environmental Protection Agency's right to enforce it.  Rumor has it that the bill being written by Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., John Kerry, D-Mass., and Joe Lieberman, I/D-Conn., may include curbs on the EPA's authority to regulate carbon emissions.

"We're certainly concerned about the direction things are going," said Alex Posorske, field and communications manager for 1Sky, a nonprofit coalition that endorses greenhouse gas reductions. Coalition organizers have launched a series of local protests around the country in front of the offices of two dozen House members and senators, urging them to defend the EPA.

Leading environmental and progressive groups, including the Sierra Club and MoveOn.org, have joined 1Sky in a lobbying blitz aimed at convincing lawmakers to defend the EPA. Until now, all the trial balloons floated in the Senate appear calculated to win over fossil fuel lobbyists. But the dynamic may flip if the Graham-Kerry-Lieberman bill becomes a vehicle to curtail the EPA. As Posorske put it: "We may very well be nearing a line that raises a red flag for progressives."

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