1Sky Field Manager Alex Posorske highlights importance of Clean Air Act to climate activists

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Recent drafts of upcoming Senate climate legislation would hobble the EPA by limiting the agency’s regulatory powers under the Clean Air Act, according to lawmakers and lobbyists familiar with the bill.

Environmental activists are pushing hard to protect EPA power, warning that limiting the agency could cost support among progressive Democrats.

“There’s a lot of room to lose support on the progressive side,” said Alex Posorske, field manager of the environmental coalition 1Sky. “A lot of the base is very interested in making sure that the Clean Air Act is left intact to take on the oldest, dirtiest coal plants.”

1Sky held rallies in support of the Clean Air Act in front of the regional offices of 14 moderate senators and eight House members during the past few weeks. They plan to visit 12 more offices before Earth Day on April 22.

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