1Sky 'storms' Senator Michael Bennett's Denver office to urge him to protect the Clean Air Act

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DENVER– Around 50 environmental volunteers clad in raincoats, ponchos, and umbrellas “stormed” Senator Michael Bennet’s office on Wednesday urging him to take a strong stance protecting the Clean Air Act from recent attacks in Congress.

Participants in the “storm” action have said that Bennet has been mum or at least vague on his energy and environmental positions. Although Bennet, who is reportedly in Colorado this week, was not at the office, staffers assured the crowd of around 50 people squeezed into the space that the senator would oppose attacks on the Clean Air Act and that he would work with them to move toward a clean energy economy.

Although the event was led by 1Sky, volunteers from 11 different organizations took part in the action. From now until Earth Day, 1Sky and allied organizations will target selected Congressional offices around the country, calling on support for a strong and unified opposition to attempts to destroy or weaken the Clean Air Act.

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