1Sky Deputy Campaign Director Liz Butler recognized as one of 40 outstanding social change leaders under age 40

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Leaders of not-for-profits have served as agents of change to create social and political impact that transcends their organizations, sometimes even their specific cause. One of the most efficacious methods of building sufficient momentum for positive change from the not-for-profit sector has been to align your organization with like-minded entities and individuals by forming a regional or national coalition. Among the 40 Under 40 Award recipients are not-for-profit leaders who did precisely that.

Liz Butler, Deputy Campaign Director of 1Sky applies a common sense approach to a number of crucial issues including job creation, the economy and sustainability. 1Sky is building a diverse, society-wide mobilization to influence the federal government to take bold action now to protect and preserve the environment. By identifying the necessary steps leaders need to take in order to shift our nation away from climate change, toward the prosperity of a prosperous green economy, 1Sky is reframing the issue of sustainability.

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