1Sky youth in New Mexico call upon Sen. Bingaman, Udall to lead on climate and clean energy

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On Thursday, local youth with the 1Sky campaign organized a press conference and panel in order to demonstrate broad public support for the clean energy economy. Speakers from local clean energy, business and grassroots environmental organizations joined prominent youth advocates in highlighting the growth in New Mexico’s clean energy economy.

“I see hasty decisions, I see economic decline, I see companies buying the future -- my future -- and I see the horrible effects of our addiction on oil spreading across the Gulf of Mexico,” said 16-year old Akilah Sanders-Reed, the event organizer and the Regional Coordinator for the 1Sky campaign. “I don’t want that. I want to be able to live my life on a planet where decisions are based on good, not gold; where our economy thrives on sustainable practices, rather than wasteful infinite growth for temporary profit; where the lives of people are more important than the lives of corporate names; and where I can feel safe from the catastrophic consequences of our dependence on oil.”

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