1Sky Plans Grassroots Actions for the August Congressional Recess

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Senators who are cool toward climate and energy legislation might suddenly think that summertime in the nation's capital isn't so hot as Hades after all, now that they are trolling for midterm election votes in their home states.

Frustrated advocacy organizations are taking their anti-obstructionist shows on the road during this August congressional recess. They'll be crisscrossing the country to reprimand Republicans and uncooperative Democrats with "Oily Hands Awards" and asking voters across the country to step right up to a three-ring "CarnivOil."

"We definitely have a long summer ahead of us," Adi Nochur, partnerships coordinator for 1Sky, told SolveClimate News. "The recess is a critical opportunity to let the Senate know that inaction is inexcusable."

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