1Sky Michigan Rallies to Oppose Upton's Stance on Clean Air

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Local clean energy activist held a rally in downtown Kalamazoo last month to protest Michigan’s 6th District U.S. Representative Fred Upton’s new bill against the Clean Air Act.

1Sky, a national organization with the motto “1Sky: 1 Climate. 1 Future. 1 Chance,” hosted and organized this protest. 1Sky was created in early 2008 and has about 200,000 members nationally, said Molly Haigh, communication associate of 1Sky.

“Politically, we are interested in service-changing energy and public health, as well,” Haigh said.

The rally took place Saturday, Feb. 26, in front of Upton’s Kalamazoo district office, from noon to 1:30 p.m.

Acacia Williams, regional coordinator of 1Sky, estimated at least 100 patrons attended the protest.

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