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Signs of a green new year -- happy 2009!


Signs of a green new year -- happy 2009!

We are geared up for a busy and exciting 2009. This will be a bike-rubber-meets-the-road year for building and demonstrating the political will to make the hard changes for a clean energy future.

Here are some notable beacons: 

  1. Green Jobs Recovery: Consensus is building in Washington for a quick and energy-efficient recovery package that moves us towards the 5 million green jobs Obama embraced in his campaign. 1Sky board member and ally Van Jones has led the charge and is being listened to in the corridors of power.
  2. Generation E. NY Times' Andrew Revkin calls them Generation E. We call them our allies, but whatever you call them, young climate activists are the light of the future. From staging eye-popping protests with at the climate talks in Poland, to creating a clean energy unicycle, to New Mexico organizer Juan Reynosa to Powershift 2009,young climate activists are the lynchpin to building political mandate for change.
  3. Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) will soon be the chair of the important House Energy and Commerce Committee where key legislation will be crafted.
  4. President-elect Obama's climate change and energy appointments are science oriented and have called for strong action to tackle global warming.  Rep. Hilda Solis (D-CA), the nominee for Secretary of Labor, is a leading proponent of green jobs.
  5. Obama picked a strong voice for environmental justice, Harvard Professor John Holdren as White House Science Advisor. Holdren was also head of the Woods Hole Research Center.
  6. With the selection of Nobel Prize winner and Berkeley Lab director Steven Chu as Secretary of Energy, The nation will soon have a dedicated and highly intelligent climate advocate in the cabinet.    
  7. Al Gore's plea for stronger carbon emissions targets to keep us under 350 ppm made worldwide headlines from the climate talks in Poznan in December. Combined with the Reality campaign's "coal is dirty" message, the Nobel Prize-winning former Vice President is showing he will continue to be vital in communicating the climate challenge.
  8. The public is getting it. The Washington Post/ABC News released a poll indicating that 75 percent of Americans believe President-elect Obama should implement policies to reduce global warming -- including half of Republicans. It's not just that the public wants to see serious changes, they actually are optimistic about those changes occurring:  more than two-thirds of Americans polled by the Washington Post and ABC News think that President-elect Obama, once in office, will be able to implement policies to reduce global warming.
  9. More than just the usual suspects are demanding a clean energy future. Pastor Dan Schultz reports that in meetings with the Obama transition team, faith based leaders are urging global warming action as one of the faith community's top priorities. Interviews with participants in the Obama transition team's faith-based meetings highlight a stepped-up campaign to combat global warming, among other issues.
  10. 1Sky and our allies are building support every day. With over 350 allied organizations and more than 130,000 climate activists nationwide, we are building the political will to embrace the 1Sky solutions.  


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