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Call Congress today and tell them to green the economic recovery


Call Congress today and tell them to green the economic recovery


In his inaugural address on Tuesday, President Obama called for "bold and swift" action to fix our economy and promised to work tirelessly to "roll back the specter of a warming planet."

Our new president is right. And the only way to accomplish both of these urgent goals -- reviving our economy and taking on climate change -- is by investing in green jobs and clean, renewable energy technologies. This will no only bring our economy back from the brink, but will lay the foundation for a new, clean energy economy that works for all Americans.

Right now Congress is working on an economic recovery package reportedly worth $825 billion. Our best change to make this a "green recovery" is right now, before the fossil fuel industry lobbyists get to get and load it up with giveaways to dirty oil, coal and gas.

So your mission today, should you choose to accept it, is to call Congress and tell them to green the economic recovery package. We've made it easy for you: just click here and we'll connect you to your rep's and senators' offices in DC at no cost to you.

We have a unique opportunity right now to invest in green jobs and clean energy infrastructure, which will give our economy a jump start and invest in the fundamentals of a new, clean energy America. As Liz blogged recently, a truly effective recovery package should do three things:

  • Help those that need it most

  • Ensure at least $200 billion in green investments

  • Invest in clean energy and steer clear of carbon

But you can bet your bottom dollar -- which you may not wanna do in this economy anyway -- that the oil, coal, gas and nuke lobbyists are already working the halls Congress furiously to shape this package. So there's no time to waste -- call your reps in Washington today!

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