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Why Power Shift '09 matters and why you should register today!


Why Power Shift '09 matters and why you should register today!


Power Shift '09 is one month away--that's less than 700 hours from now! Register today and be sure to select 1Sky as your coalition member-group affiliation. -- Luis

I can still remember it like it was yesterday. Majora Carter giving an impassioned speech about her work arming low-income communities with sustainable solutions in the Bronx. Van Jones rallied the crowds with his vision of a clean energy future inclusive of all. The Step It Up crew had us wave thousands of green fingers up at stage, and our very own Betsy Taylor gave a speech about the brand-new 1Sky campaign that didn't even have an office yet.

I had just spent the last three months recruiting for Power Shift from a little yellow room at Energy Action's office in DC. That meant working with student leaders to raise money for their trips, recruit busloads of their fellow students, and plan their trips to DC. The amazing thing is that they were almost all eager to partake in some way. Everyone recognized we were on the brink of an international moral crisis, and there was a pervasive sense of "all hands on deck." While inspiring others to come, I couldn't help but inspire myself. The effort was colossal and transcendent – a turning-point on this issue.

Fast forward one year later, I started working at 1Sky as an organizer, and am lucky to work on the same movement-wide conference again -- Power Shift '09. Remembering how many connections were formed last year, and how powerful the experience was for the 6,000 attendees, I can't help but approach this second conference as one of the most important opportunities for climate leaders in history.

This year, Power Shift is expanding far beyond the youth sector. We literally need all members of society to step up and join us at this 10,000 person gathering. That's why we're asking you to join us this year and make history. Folks that attend Power Shift '09 will get to be part of the largest lobby day on climate ever. Not only that, but you'll be trained to be extremely effective organizers and messengers on this issue. If there's anything this movement needs, it's continuity and intensity of our "ground game" this year – people pushing hard in every nook and cranny of the country. Are you ready to join us?

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