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Climate Precinct Captains in the New York Times


Climate Precinct Captains in the New York Times


Climate Precinct Captains were extremely active in April, pressing decision makers -- both in person and on the phone -- to strengthen the big clean energy bill making its way through Congress. And now, the mainstream media is taking notice! From Climate Wire via the New York Times:

….green-jobs promoter 1Sky started a program in February called Climate Precinct Captains to get volunteers roaming the streets in search of like-minded activists. During marathon hearings in April about the House bill, more than 1,500 such captains and recruits flooded Congress with phone call after phone call.

"'We're leveling the money playing field,’ said Gillian Caldwell, campaign director for 1Sky."

Over 1,160 calls so far, actually. Not that we're counting or anything...

We don't have the millions of dollars that big polluters can spend in lobbyists and disinformation, but we have the power of a grassroots movement that's growing every day. Across the country, Climate Precinct Captains (CPCs) are stepping up in their communities, playing a critical role in building one of the strongest and fastest-growing grassroots movements in history. With the MSM increasingly taking notice of this movement, it's the prefect time for you to get involved. Find out more by visiting the Climate Precinct Captains page today.

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