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President Obama addresses U.N. Climate Summit


President Obama addresses U.N. Climate Summit


First post by 1Sky Communications Fellow Stefanie Zaenker. -- Luis

This morning, President Obama addressed an eager crowd at the United Nations Climate Change Summit in New York City, where he talked about the challenges that we face in our efforts to combat climate change. He also touched on what the U.S. is doing to show that we are ready to make a real commitment to combating global warming, such as the climate and clean energy bill passed by the House in June, and our investments in renewable energy.

Obama is a powerful speaker, but we're convinced he needs to show more personal engagement with this issue if we are to reach a strong global agreement at the Copenhagen negotiations this December. What we need is urgent domestic political action to show that we are ready to be a world leader in climate policy. As our campaign director Gillian Caldwell said,

Real action means using real political capital to push a clean energy jobs bill through the United States Senate in the coming months. That, more than any speech at the United Nations, will show the world that this time we are serious, and that the United States will lead once again on the global stage.

Along with his speech at the UN Climate Summit this morning, Obama will also address the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, and chair the UN Security Council’s Summit meeting on Thursday -- a first for an American President. These events provide an excellent opportunity for the U.S. to renew its commitment to U.N. goals and bolster its world leadership. As we move to pass comprehensive climate legislation through the Senate, the world has high hopes for the U.S.’s role in global climate negotiations, but the President needs to take an even stronger stance to make global U.S. leadership on climate a reality.

Here's a long excerpt from the President's speech courtesy of Clean Energy Works:

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