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Presidential candidates call for green-collar jobs


Presidential candidates call for green-collar jobs

From the debates to the campaign trail to the pages of the Washington Post, the Democratic candidates for President are all calling for massive green-collar jobs programs to create a clean energy economy and stabilize our climate.  Our 1Sky field team in South Carolina has been pushing the issue at every turn!  Here’s a report from 1Sky field team member Jamie Henn on a recent Hillary Clinton event at Furman University:

"I was at Hillary’s speech on the economy this morning — we had six people there with green hard hats and ‘green jobs’ signs that Clinton pointed to and talked about in front of the crowd.  Green Jobs was the first thing she mentioned when talking about her long term plan!"

The Presidential candidates are increasingly drawing connections between our nation’s economic recovery and investment in clean energy and green jobs.  This discourse reflects 1Sky’s ongoing advocacy efforts around the economic stimulus bill.  Here’s a great quote from Clinton at the aforementioned Furman event:

"I really hope that as part of this recovery package, we start getting serious about the future.  We have to stop the crisis but then we have to plan for an economy that will keep generating good new jobs, and clean energy is our best bet."

It seems pretty safe to say that the idea of green-collar jobs is entering the political mainstream.  But what exactly do we mean when we talk about green-collar jobs?  Our longtime ally Van Jones of Green for All (whose work we have previously highlighted on this blog) has a great piece on the Huffington Post exploring this very question.  Van believes that green-collar jobs must serve both people and the planet, providing pathways out of poverty, building local economies, and revitalizing urban and rural communities.  As he concludes, "It is exciting that the Presidential candidates have taken up this banner.  We must thank them for their leadership, and we must help them ensure that the green jobs of tomorrow build a green and prosperous economy for everyone, here and around the world."

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