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"The Storm" lands in Sen. Graham's office in South Carolina


"The Storm" lands in Sen. Graham's office in South Carolina


By 1Sky South Carolina Organizer Tim Liszewski. -- Luis

Yesterday morning started bright and beautiful in Columbia, South Carolina. Skies were blue, no clouds, and the temperature was a mild 72 degrees.

Around 11 a.m., the Storm descended. It was an uncharacteristically focused storm -- focused on Senator Lindsey Graham's office. The effects of climate change had shown up on his doorstep. (See video and pics from the Storm below.)

An energized group of 22 1Sky and Sierra Club volunteers paid a visit to the state's senior senator, demanding a pledge of protection for the Clean Air Act. They were followed by TV news cameras from five television stations -- which were promptly asked to leave by the startled staffer we encountered upon entering the office.

The staffer assured us that Sen. Graham would get the pledge we delivered, though he did not know the Senator's whereabouts at that time.

After the office visit, the Storm gathered on the corner of Huger and Hampton streets (alongside the Senator's office building), asking South Carolina to honk for the Clean Air Act. About 20 people obliged in the 30 minutes we spent at the busy intersection.

The Storm dispersed around noon, but forecasts call for more such actions in the future -- until steps are taken to mitigate the need for them.

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