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UPDATED - PLEASE READ: Rep. Schrader faces a friendly storm in OR-5


UPDATED - PLEASE READ: Rep. Schrader faces a friendly storm in OR-5


UPDATE (4/16/10):

We have confirmed that Rep. Schrader has signed onto one of the Dirty Air Acts, the Skelton resolution. This is a grievous disappointment and a major reversal in the commitment to a clean energy future he showed last summer by voting for the ACES climate bill. Resolutions to cripple the Clean Air Act remove its potential to contribute to an estimated $1.8 billion in investment revenue and 21,000 jobs in Oregon alone (PDF).

Please check back as we will keep you updated as we get more information. Needless to say, The Storm clouds just got a lot less friendly.

By Climate Solutions organizer Jamie Hogue – Alex

In the middle of a stormy Oregon day, I was joined by volunteers from Environment Oregon and the Sierra Student Coalition, as we "stormed" Congressman Kurt Schrader's office outfitted in rain gear and umbrellas, to deliver a "special care package" as part of a national effort to bring attention to the negative effects of climate change. We went to thank Oregon's Congressman for his tough vote last spring and also urge him to oppose the "dirty air acts" blowing around Congress.

Congressman Schraders' staff was very gracious and I was able to explain the contents of our "climate change care package." We filled a basket with all of the things Copngressman Schrader might need if Congress doesn't act on climate change – and fast! Included in the basket was a bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir (which could become Washington Pinot Noir), a snow globe to remind him of what Oregon mountains looked like with snow on them, a rainslicker to protect him from the increase of heavy storms, and smoked salmon (our salmon runs are already shrinking and could be severely affected by even a 1 or 2 degree difference in water temperature). All that went along with a thank you card signed by local chapters of NWF, Ecumenical Ministries, Climate Solutions, Trout Unlimited, Sierra Student Coalition, Oregon Environmental Council, and 1Sky, that thanked him for his vote on ACES and urged him to think about what Oregon stands to lose and please support a comprehensive climate change bill and oppose any "dirty air acts."

We were able to spend a half hour with Jon Pugsley, Congressman Schrader's aide, talking about the various issues going on now around climate change, and left feeling like we were listened to and that our opinions mattered. I can still remember checking in with Congressman Schrader's office almost hourly before the big ACES vote to find out if we had the Congressman's support. He represents a very conservative district, which made him voting the right way in the end all the more significant. I hope activities like "The Storm" will show Oregon's delegation as well as the rest of the country that there is strong support for comprehensive climate change legislation – in fact, our way of life depends on it.

See pictures from the Oregon Storm on the 1Sky Flickr page.

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