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Training climate leaders in Boulder


Training climate leaders in Boulder


Earlier this month, I had the great pleasure to trek over to Colorado and help run a leadership summit with Micah Parkin, our fabulous Southwest Coordinator. This summit was part of a series of grassroots advocacy trainings designed to refine the skills of 1Sky supporters to build a powerful base this summer. Upcoming trainings include Philadelphia, PA (June 20), Columbus, OH, (June 26) and Concord, NH, (July 10). Check out our sign-up page for either training.

The training covered a diversity of topics, from how to recruit someone over the phone to attend an event, to how to build up local leadership amongst activists, to how to make the perfect pitch to the media to generate press coverage of important issues. We were also lucky to have our partners from Colorado Interfaith Power and Light, Eco-Justice Ministries, and Greenpeace present for the event to fill us in on their work. Micah also went over some details about local campaigns, including the successful campaign to terminate the Valmont coal plant in Boulder. Denver activists formed their own planning crew and the Boulder folks circled up at the end to come up with city-specific campaign plans for the Dirty Energy Hunt and future 10/10/10 actions. Can you believe the Denver folks organized a bike event outside the Cherokee Coal Plant for the very next weekend? Talk about being on the ball.

Following this summit, we’re looking to do ongoing meetups and conference calls in both cities. If you’re in Colorado and interested in plugging in, reach out to Micah at

The best part of doing a training in Colorado is definitely the pointed reminder of the surrounding scenery. When you see the Boulder Flatirons to your left and the Valmont smoke stacks poking out from the edge of the eponymous reservoir to your right, it dawns on you how much work still needs to be done to protect American communities from climate destruction. But meeting with excited activists like Fran, Mimsy and Tom, Lynn, Kate, and a slew of others is an exhilarating reminder of the potential of citizen power.

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