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"Hands Across the Sand" a huge success -- thanks to you!


"Hands Across the Sand" a huge success -- thanks to you!


By 1Sky intern Florencia Foxley. -- Luis

All we’ve heard about this week here at 1Sky are fantastic stories of the 50-plus Hands Across the Sand events from this Saturday. The creativity and dedication that went into these events is truly impressive. Our folks in the field really went all out! It’s no wonder that Hands Across the Sand, as an international effort, was a success. Here's a slideshow with some picture we've been receiving from events all over the country:

Our largest event was in Washington State, where the Raging Grannies attended and led the group in song. Ironically, an oil tanker also made an appearance, passing by while 165 folks were lined up holding hands.

Though most of our events were not as large as the one in Washington. Our event in Ohio, organized by Kara Walsh, proved that small is mighty. Before everyone arrived, Congressman Dennis Kucinich stopped to greet and thank attendees. The Ohio event was also covered by two news channels and blogs. Way to go Ohio!

These events had been planned a few weeks ago, but our friends in Weeki Wachee, FL, recruited beach patrons on the spot! One hundred people took part in the event and the dialogue on the BP Gulf oil disaster that followed.

Marilyn Blizard’s event in Kiawah Island, South Carolina deserves a huge shoutout for dedication. Thirty-five event-goers from ages 4 to 95 stuck it out in 107-degree weather -- talk about taking the heat! They signed a pledge to stop offshore drilling and be champions for a clean energy future.

This is a small sample of the awesome work our supporters have pulled off. Not only are all of us in the central office extremely impressed, but we know the packages of photos and press from all these incredible events are really impressing staffers on Capitol Hill. And we certainly need them to be impressed with how seriously their constituents are taking the oil spill and a clean energy future. Good work everyone! Keep it up!

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