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Holding Congress accountable across America


Holding Congress accountable across America


This past month has been such a whirlwind of actions for the campaign! We hit the ground running with shadowing events all over the country to hold Congress accountable for their inaction in climate. Many of you went above and beyond, leading in your communities during the congressional recess.

Now that the recess is over, it’s time for a redux on what we were able to accomplish as a team. Below are some of the notable mentions. Beyond that, dozens of you got out there and held events demanding Congress step up its game. So, without further ado, some highlights from the August recess:

Susan Shamel wowed us all with her access to Senator Scott Brown this August. In her husband Roger’s words:

After 45 minutes of demonstrating outside the first fundraiser, the protesters marched past the offices of both Senators [John] Kerry and Brown on their way to a second fundraiser... Then, just as the demonstrators were told that "security had been notified," the improbable happened: Senator Brown approached the restaurant on foot. Seeing her chance, Susan immediately went to the senator's side to voice her request for strong climate legislation. Susan and Brown spoke for nearly a minute before the senator waved to the other activists and disappeared inside.

Action was heating up in Florida too, spearheaded by 1Sky organizer Andrea Cuccaro. She also got to ask Senator George Lemieux a direct question. In her words:

The most important takeaway from this day was that Senator LeMieux came out publicly against a cap on carbon. This was the first time climate solutions advocates heard the senator take a position. While the senator supports clean energy tax breaks and investments, all of which will jumpstart our green economy and curb carbon emissions, I was disappointed to hear he does not support a cap.” Sometimes the results aren’t always exactly what we want, but getting members on record means more people will hold their feet to the fire.

Meanwhile, Micah rocked it out in Colorado, where Senator Michael Bennet personally recognized her and engaged her in a conversation about a clean energy future.

In Minnesota, 1Sky Regional Coordinator Chuck Prentice got up close and personal with Senator Amy Klobuchar at the Minnesota State Fair. He asked her about her vote on clean air act attacks, and she said things were looking pretty good in terms of having enough votes to defeat attacks. Good job, Chuck!

Chuck Prentice & Sen. Amy Kobluchar

Greg Kimber, a new resident of Maine and 1Sky CPC impressed us by pulling off a visibility event outside Senate offices in Augusta holding signs and chanting about action on climate. This was important because Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe have systematically claimed to be climate champions but then voted to attack the Clean Air Act recently.

The list is really endless. Joanna Pollock and her team in Fayetteville, Arkansas, had a great interaction with Sen. Blanche Lincoln (pictured above) and her team. She even got a follow up call from Lincoln’s staff asking to talk to her about climate. Regional Coordinator Akilah in New Mexico got a thumbs up from Senator Udall for being such a committed activist at a town hall event in rural New Mexico. And on and on. Talk about impact!

Suffice it to say, we’re so proud of everything you accomplished. We can’t wait to continue to push for strong climate action in new and creative ways that bring communities together. Please give us feedback on how this action went for you by contacting me at

And please check out our upcoming action that we’re doing in collaboration with and most of the climate movement: the 10/10 Global Work Party! Through all of our efforts our Congress members will know we’re keeping a close eye on them and taking action into our own hands as we build this movement for change.

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