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10/10/10 Story: Maryland students give local businesses a "lift"


10/10/10 Story: Maryland students give local businesses a "lift"


On Sunday, University of Maryland students in the Beyond the Classroom Living and Learning Program used their 10/10/10 Global Work Party to help a local Maryland green business spruce up their store.

Students helped Community Forklift, a surplus, salvage, and green building material provider outside Washington, DC, to sort, organe, and clean their warehouse. Forklift Outreach and Education Director Ruthie Mundell and the university's program director, Professor James Riker, set up the party to discuss the Forklift's business model with students and to show them how their work efforts symbolized the push for clean energy solutions. Riker said his students spent the week discussing these issues and watched The Age of Stupid in class before starting their work party, getting them "beyond the classroom" and into the movement. Here are some pictures from that event:

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