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Will the U.S. be a fossil or a climate leader? (VIDEO & PHOTOS)


Will the U.S. be a fossil or a climate leader? (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

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With just over two days left to go in at the climate talks in Cancun, the U.S. is unfortunately emerging as one of the main roadblocks to progress. Unwilling to move forward with urgency on any given issue unless other issues advance at the same pace, the U.S.'s negotiating stance is effectively stalling out the talks, to the great frustration of civil society organizations here.

As a result, Climate Action Network International, an umbrella group representing over 550 organizations, has awarded the U.S. a 'Fossil of the Day' for the second straight day for its obstruction.

From blocking references to science-based emissions reductions targets to watering down language on technology transfer to delaying agreement on the establishment of an adaptation committee, the U.S. has been showing the exact opposite of the bold leadership we need to lead the world towards a clean energy future. Will the U.S. reverse course before the talks end and join the rest of the world in constructive negotiations? Or will we be left in a position where the rest of the world will need to move forward without the U.S. -- effectively the same position we were in under George W. Bush?

The actions of President Obama's negotiating team in the next couple of days will be instructive, and we'll continue to keep you posted about what the U.S. delegation is up to and our take on the talks as they move towards closure.

Check out the video from the 'awards' ceremony below:

And while you're at it, here are a few photos from today's ceremony:

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